At Fogarty Industries, we supply KiwiColour, a high quality steel that’s manufactured from Iron Ore. A pure form of Iron, that is cost-efficient to produce with a consistent finish and, more exact thickness tolerances for consistent performance. A steel roof that offers exceptional performance, looks great and lasts.

We offer a wide range of product design and finish options that allow you to maintain a budget, while delivering a stunning finish to any home or business, roof or cladding.

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Technical Information Sheet

Warranty and Maintenance
  • KiwiColour products come with comprehensive written warranties backed by Kiwi Steel, with warranty periods specific to a particular building and location. Please request a warranty upon project completion as warranties may not automatically apply.

  • Our residential roofing warranties meet the NZ Building code requiring minimum durability of 15 years.

  • Consult with your local KiwiColour supplier or installer for advice on product choice and the required maintenance for the best performance of your KiwiColour product.

  • There are specific maintenance requirements that need to be followed to uphold the validity of your KiwiColour warranty.

  • The KiwiColour product warranty consists of two parts, the ‘perforation’ warranty and the ‘paint’ warranty.

  • Perforation warranty covers perforation coming as result of corrosion.

  • Paint warranty covers the paint surface against flaking, peeling, and excessive fading.